Mexican Pipeline

Summertime Surfing Trip to Mexico

Nobody should consider going to Mexico for a surfing vacation. There is no one around to rescue you if you get in trouble (of course you're surfing by yourself). The waves are big and dangerous (unless you know how to surf), the food is all the same (Mexican, no pizza) and it's too hot!

So.... The moral of this story is... just look at my website each year and figure out that Mexico is just too dangerous of a trip for any sane person to go to and surf in Costa Rica were everyone else goes for their Central American surfing trip. Did I mention the scorpions and snakes, drug runners, political upheavals, etc....

Besides the waves are terrible, just look at them! I surfed these pathetic waves for weeks at a time while my friends got to hang out at Cocoa Beach and surf great Florida surf. Can you hear any sarcasm? Not me!

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