Mexican Pipeline

Death Tube Rides in Mainland Mexico

During our first week in Mexico our traveling companion Brian Gale kept hearing about a huge break just an hour north of where we were staying. Dad kept telling him that it was just too heavy and not for me and possibly not even a break that Brian wanted to visit. But after much ado, dad broke down and took us to the most powerful break that I'd been to yet.

I can't mention the name of the break out of respect for the surfers and daredevils that like to ride it, but it's one of the most heavy breaks on Mexico's shore and possibly rivals Puerto Escondito and many other breaks on Central America's coastline.

Brian paddled out while dad and I watched. Herbie Fletcher was getting shacked and Brian managed to get a couple before paddling in. As we were leaving, I told dad..."I can't live with myself if I don't at least just paddle out and look those tubes right in the face!". So he turned around and watched me paddle out while biting his nails with fear for his 80 pound daughter paddling over 20 foot black walls of tubing fury. Dad had the camera slung around his neck the whole time and never mustered up the ability to take pictures of me scratching over the sets and sitting infront of mammoth peaks and tubes. I don't blame him, it was surreal to me too.

I did manage to catch a smaller wave in before going home and I'll never forget my first introduction to some of the heaviest waves to date for me.

The following week we had a new friend Rachel come and spend a week with us and we visited some new breaks that dad thought I was prepared for. Take a look at these new pictures and our new friend Rachel.

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