Mexican Pipeline

Point Breaks in Mexico for Great Surfing

"You're ready for a new and heavier break this year Savannah", explained dad as I nervously listened. As we drove further south the swell was noticably getting larger and the the shoreline was more rugged. Anticipation for great surf was racing through my heart, but all I could think about was the giant break dad had taken me to the day before and hoped that this would be at least somewhat more softer and alot less scarier.

When we got there the point was going off and the town of Calleta was absolutly beautiful. We stayed in a nice little hotel overlooking the black cliffs and the blue ocean below.

Once I paddled out I knew that this would be the break to surf again next year. the waves were stronger, hollower and much more consistant than any of the breaks dad had taken me to before. There was a river mouth and some nice restaurants to eat at also.

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