Mexican Pipeline

Savannah Surfing the Waves in Mainland Mexico 2007

Every summer my father and I go on an expedition to Mainland Mexico. Dad's been going on this surfing expedition since 1979 and continues to paddle out with me today. Although dad doesn't surf that much anymore, he loves to watch me and take photos and video of me surfing. It's exciting to go every year and dad opens up new breaks to me as my surfing skills improve.

This year we went back to an old favorite surf break (pictured on this page) and we spent almost the entire first week surfing there. The other break that he took my good friend Brian Gale to was too heavy for me to really surf, but I told dad I wanted to at least paddle out. Here's some pictures of some of the surfers getting shacked at that surf break.

Mainland Mexico can be somewhat dangerous for travelers unless you know where you are going and have at least a small amount of spanish to communicate with. Dad's great at smiling and has taught me that a big smile and respect gets you a long way with limited spanish vocabulary. Other than that... The surfing is awesome! Click here to see some more photos of our 2007 Mexico Surfing Trip.

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