Cocoa Beach Florida Pier

Surfing Sequence in Mexico

"I love doing cutbacks and finding my way back into the juice of a nice wave. We went to Mexico in June of 2006 and the waves got pretty big at some of the standout locations so dad took us to some of his little known surf spots where we could relax a little more and do some real hot-dogging (tricks on small waves)..." explains Savannah

Surfing Sequences are fun to look at because you can evaluate what the surfer is thinking and where he/she is might go to get into that power pocket or finish that maneuver. Savannah was just relaxing on this wave and found herself a little too far out on the shoulder, a quick decision to return to the power pocket results in a steeper and more fun ride toward the end. This wave went for at least 200 yards and several continuous cutbacks were necessary to keep in the most vertical and critical part of the wave.

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