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Guatemala Surf Trip

Getting to the surf was part of the adventure as we took long car rides through cities and mountain passes. Eventually you'll end up on a lagoon shoreline boarding a colorful boat to the small barrier island and sandbar surf.

The heat was unbearable in the afternoon, but we cooled down under the shade of the thatched restaurant roof drinking fruit drinks and bottled water until we rested up for a late afternoon surfing session in the warm tropical Pacific Ocean.

Local Recipes included fish, shrimp, chicken that were completely different from Mexico's food to the north. Christian said the Gallo beer was the best in Central America and our videographer seemed to like consuming the brown bottled brew too. The culture in Guatemala is still intact with much of the indian culture seen everywhere you turn. The people are warm and friendly, but there is poverty as well as wealth, very similar to other Central American countries I've been in.

tube ride

Shrimp (camerones) and fish stew (the whole fish is in the bowl). Eyeballs and all were on the menu this day. I had a hard time eating a fish that starred at me the whole time I ate it, but it was delicious and I soon learned to close my eyes when I stabbed at the fish (I think it winked at me).

Surfers in Guatemala

I met a few surfer girls in Guatemala and they were so stoked to see an American Girl surfing with them. There are only eight (8) girl surfers in the whole of Guatemala as of the time of our visit. The ones that I met were full on stoked and charging bigger waves than any of our girls on the East Coast.

That's me in the middle posing with a couple of surfer chicks in Guatemala.

Guatemalan Surf Team

We watched the Pan/American surf contest in Guatemala and shared meals and time with all of them. What a great looking bunch of guys that love life and make the most of what they have in their tropical surfing paradise.

Below is most of the surf team posing with me and Josh kneeling in front. That's Waimea on my side on the left side of the picture. Waimea's the most stoked surfer in the group and everyone loves him. I can't wait to go see him and his daughter Melody again soon, I need to finish my salsa dancing lessons. [Next]

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