Cocoa Beach Florida Pier

Cherry Down Park, Cape Canaveral Florida

Not known as one of the most consistant breaks on Florida's east coast, Cherry Down Park boast a really hollow wave when it's going off. Savannah surfs this break with her friend Tyler often and then walks across the street to sit in their jacuzzi to get warm after a long session.

Cherry down park is north on Ridgeway Avenue in Cape Cavaveral, Florida.

<-- Savannah lands a tailslide on a cherry down shore pound during a winter swell.

"I'm working on punching my tail thru the lip and landing these everytime. It's difficult because of my small size and takes a lot of strength but I'm getting them, slowly but surely," explains Savannah.


P.O. Box 1920 | Cape Canaveral | Florida | 32920
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