Florida Surf Photographs

Florida Surfing Photographs

Okay, some of these photos are not from Florida, but most photographs are of Florida surfers having fun at their local break or traveling to one Central American, Caribbean or Exotic Location around the globe.

My parents often follow me to surf destinations when they are able to. Whether I go to South Florida's Reef Road or South Beach Miami SOBE I try and collect as many locations to put on my website. Some surf pictures are given and taken for magazines like Mundo Rad, Transworld Surf, Surfing or Surfer. Many are taken for local or regional magazines like Eastern Surf Magazine or even Florida Today.

You'll find that I travel to many of the same places every year, but I try to add new locations from time to time as my sponsors, parents or competitions take me. In 2007 I added Puerto Rico, Guatemala, Australia, New Zealand and as I write this I should be going to Hawaii's north shore in a few weeks with the Viking Surf Team. If my competitions go well, I should go to South California for the National Championships and also to Cape Hatteras for East Coast Championships. However my favorite trip so far is with my father to Mainland Mexico's west coast where we've never been skunked and the waves seem to be perfect almost everyday.

I hope you enjoy looking thru the pages of photographs and memories that are on the right side of this page as much as I did having them taken of me and my friends.


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