Savannah, Coral and her brother Forrest
at the 2004-2005 NSSA Eastern Championships

Coral Johnson

Coral's dad is brother to legendary shaper Bill Johnson and has built himself a solid reputation by shaping for Quiet Flight Surf Shop over the last several years. Coral is one of the nicest and sweetest girls to me. She's always smiling and is the first to run to me on the beach and say "Let's go surfing Savannah!". I can't wait for the summers when we can spend time goofing off at our favorite Cocoa Beach breaks with her dad and brother Forrest.

Coral and I met in the NSSA and began surfing together. I always love watching Forrest encourage his sister during the contest. The Johnson family is an awesome Christian family with a great surfing heritage.


Coral Johnson Surfing

P.O. Box 1920 | Cape Canaveral | Florida | 32920
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