Florida Surf Family in Cocoa Beach

Florida East Coast Surfing Family

My Family is probably one of the coolest family's on the East Coast (probably the world). My Dad is this like famous fishing guide that catches these monster fish and with his customers. Don't believe me? Take a look at his Florida Fishing Guide website! My mom is takes us surfing almost everyday after school and caravans me and my friends to the beach all summer long till our tired little sunburnt bodies fall asleep after burning up like a zillion calories at New Smyna or Sebastian Inlet. She's got her own website about Girls having fun in the Florida's sun and beaches.

Lastly (but not least) is my little sister Mekenzie. She's my cute little sister that's never out of energy and constant lifelong companion. I prayed for six years to have a little sister and she's better'n I ever imagined. I just have to try and keep up with her, she's so creative and loves to do crafts and is great in school. When Mekenzie gets her website it's gonna be awesome! Her favorite movie? Lilo and Stitch, of coarse! "No one gets left behind"

Until I get another family member,


Mekenzie Bradley

Mekenzie Bradley (li'l Sis wahine)

Don't be fooled by the smallest member of our surfing family. She starts out acting shy but ... in no time she's atalking and jabbering so much you'd think she needs a shirt that reads.


She's awesome and loves to go surfing when the surf's small and warm enough. Mekenzie's at everyone of my contest and loves to look for shells and sea beans. She's a radical skateboarder and can really carve on our carveboard.

Captain Gina

Surf Momma (Captain Gina)

That's our momma, ain't she pretty? Gina is our surfing challenged family member. She's been surfing about a year and... well... we'll not say too much about her surfing abilities, they're top secret (don't tell anyone mom's a kook)

Mom redeems herself as the best surf mom on the beach. She makes awesome healthy lunches and snacks for us also. She's a USCG Licensed Captain and helps my dad with his fishing guide indeavors.

Captain Gina has her own website about Cocoa Beach Fun at www.captgina.com.

Captain Richard

Surf Daddy-O (Captain Richard)

When dad's not fishing in the lagoons or ocean he's probably out surfing or shooting pictures on the beach with us girls.

Like mom he's a USCG Licensed Captain and loves to be on the water. Captain Richard's been taking people out fishing for years and enjoys taking us kids out on his days off or after a day of fishing with his customers he'll call us on the radio to join him to catch a few fish for dinner and fun.

Captain Richard has a really Florida Fishing Guide website called Lagooner Fishing Guides where you'll see pictures of me fishing and surfing occassionally too.

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