Viking Surf Team Members

"I love my Viking Surfboards and the great company that Christian Wolther's has founded. Viking simply has the one of the best riding and strongest surfboards" explains Savannah.

Official Team Member of Viking Surfboards

Viking Surfboard is a core American Surfboard Company out of South Florida, that's serious about their product line of quality surfboards, great clothing line and surf essentials from leashes to track pads.

Viking Surfboards' CEO Christian Wolthers is a surfer himself and established Viking's roots at an early age as a true surf company with the surfer in mind.

Visit the Official Viking Surfboard website and check out what they're about, they are truly an awesome surf company with mindset to gear surfers with the best equipment money can buy.

Competative Surfing Team

Christian Wolthers and some of his surfing team that's traveling the world and making a difference for the surfing community while spreading the gospel of Viking's great line of surfwear and increadable surfboards.

Viking Surf Team
Viking Surfboard Blanks

"Viking Surfboards has the some of the strongest and lightest blank foam in the industry and the shapers love it", explains Christian (Viking's CEO).

Viking's selection of the best and most consistant shapers in the world, including some of North America's best shapers like CT Taylor and guest shaper Brian Tudor (BAT surfboards). Oracio Moraes is Viking's master shaper and is known all over South America and Brazil for his perfect lines and masterful shapes.

Viking Surfboards

P.O. Box 1920 | Cape Canaveral | Florida | 32920
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