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Surfing Sponsors

I'd like to thank all the people and companies that helped in surfing career by contributing products, services and cash.

Surfing is an inexpensive sport for the most part, but being a competative surfer involves lots of travel, contest fees, surfboards, wetsuits, leashes, and other surfing paraphinelia. Not to mention training devices like skateboards, ramps, etc...

If you would like to sponsor me in my surfing endeavors, please contact my parents by phone at (321) 868-4953 and tell them about your product(s) or services. I'd be stoked to put you on my website and a sticker promenently displayed on my boards.

Local Surf Sponsors

Ron Jon Surf Shop
Ron Jon Surf Shop is a one of a kind surf shop that caries just about anything a surfer might need and much more. It's about the most exciting place to visit in Florida as far as shopping, surfing, and enjoying the beach goes.

CT Taylor Surfboards
Local shaper and surfer, CT Taylor has taken my surfing to new levels with innovative shaping and outstanding performance inhances on my boards. Former National Champion Josh Wilson turned me onto CT's shapes during the fall of 2006 and I'm looking forward to competing on his shapes during the 2006/2007 season.

Freak Surfing Equipment
Matt Kechle's the world's oldest grom and has used his years of surfing experience and knowledge to develop some great surfing things. Traction Pads, leashes, and great surfboards too, Matt's on the cutting edge of the surf industry.

World Wide Surf Sponsors

Viking Surfboards
Viking surfboards is one of the most progressive forward thinking surfboard companies in America. Providing me with surfboards and equipment and pushing me to new heights by supporting my surfing endeavors. [Viking Surfboards]

FCS Fins
Advanced fin system for the serious surfer. Savannah uses the same fins that seven time world champion Kelly Slater uses on his boards. Why settle for less when you can surf with the best. [surfboard fins]

Hot Buttered
Dedicated to making great surfer sunglasses and surfing clothing fashion. I'm looking forward to a great year surfing for these guys in 2006/2007. Check out this Austrailian surf company's accessories here.

Do you have what it takes to become a SurfSling™ girl? Check out Savannah's commercial she did for a terrific new surfing product. SurfSling

The pathway to professional surfing the top ranked amateur surfing organization. [National Amateur Surfing Organization]

The most fun and family oriented surfing organization in the world. I look forward to everyone of their contest. [Eastern US Surfing Association]

Great Shoes... I'm wearing them now, unless I'm surfing. Etnies has the coolest tennis shoes and casual shoe line for the surfer girl in you. Try them! [Etnies]

Support Sponsors

Mom & Dad
Spends hours on the beach with me when I'm surfing. Moms' my biggest supporter and keeps me going when it's freezing cold or burning like the sahara on the beach. What can I say about dad... he spends all his hard earned money and time on us and then takes me surfing in Mexico and other exotic places. I love my dad! Dad has a website for Florida Fishing and mom has her own website for Cocoa Beach Fun.

Papa & Meme Bradley
Keeps my education going at MICS and watches us grow while spoiling us rotten. He's the best grandfather anyone could have. Oh, he loves to fish with Dad and Uncle Robert.

Paradise Funplex
Merritt Island's premier skateboard park. I can't wait to go skating after school when the waves are flat. [Central Florida Skate Park]

P.O. Box 1920 | Cape Canaveral | Florida | 32920
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